5 areas to extend yourself

This adventure has been going for a few weeks now. Heres 5 topics that have hit home over that time.

1. It takes courage to jump. There will be individuals, including yourself, that will deter you from going outside ‘your lot’. There will be good reasons not to jump. Economic reasons. Family reasons. Dumb reasons. Reconcile these first. Then you will jump.


2. Humans respond to small things. I still get goosebumps when I think about the lady who brought coffee for 5 complete strangers and then left. That small gesture jolted me out of my thoughts, my issues, my routine. It made my largest issues go away, just for a split second, some longer. It put a smile on my face, which in turn put on a smile on the person I next happened to lock eyes with.

3. Familiarity gives comfort but it doesn’t always extend us. Familiarity is good to a degree. Take the 5 year old. Loves when the school music plays at 9.25am. It signifies that school has started. He now knows what to expect. But be careful. Familiarity can allow hours to slip into days, days to slip into weeks and days to slip into years. Good habits on the other hand are vital……

Winking smiley

4. Investment into your time. Time is precious. Its all we truly have. Only you can truly control the time you have (most of the time). Everyone has the same 8,760 hours a year. What we do with it is up to you. Getting into good habits is essential. Meditation for 10-15 minutes a day. Exercise 45 mins a day. Habits such at these make that 8,760 hours go a lot further.

5. CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL. This is the most important learning. Seriously. What is the point of worrying about something that you can’t control. Its not fair on you. Its not fair on those around you. It won’t alter the outcome. What you can do it is prepare for things that matter and take control from there.


Many more topics to come and remember to set yourself apart.

Its a choice. Make it a priority.

Want to achieve your goals? Make your choice. Put yourself in a conducive environment.

Surround yourself with positive people. Avoid high conflict personalities. Someone who fights with others will eventually fight with you.

Remove yourself from distractions, from negative energy. Keep your surroundings fresh and your energy high.

Finding it hard to do that? Time to assess your priorities. Whats at the top of your list. Write it out. The list I wrote was not conducive to the environment I was in.


Staying in the same negative environment results in the same stale results. Feelings of anger and frustration build. See the anger for what it is. Understand the triggers for the feelings. Aim to control them next time. You don’t have to solve the issue right there. Much better to take a deep breath. Take yourself out of the situation. Think on it. Within a short space of time your outlook will change.

Choose to meet your goals. Its a choice. Make it a priority.

You’ll land on something soft

foam pit

Is it too late to teach a dog new tricks. Too late to try a new sport. Too late to start a new business. Just too late?

Ask yourself why it maybe be too late. Maybe it is. Maybe you are set in your ways. Maybe you have a whopping mortgage. Maybe you have to put the kids through school. Maybe you are scared of your value in the real world. But maybe just maybe it’s not too late.

Being older doesn’t mean you need more time to relax. Or that you can’t mix it up with the kids of today. Sure you might not want to take up MMA (reflexes might be a little out of shape) but there are plenty of other things to try and do. I guess we’re not in a dress rehearsal.

With age comes experience and stubbornness (that could mean stuck in your ways but it could also mean resilience). With age comes maturity. With age comes the ability to assist others more than when you younger. Take Bill Gates. His charity has helped millions of people around the globe. He has had more impact because he was able to build his business up first. He made the networks. He made the money. He made a bigger difference than if he had started the charitable organisations at 17 or 18.

It’s never too late.

Jump. You’ll land on something soft.

Unintentional impacts


We do it occasionally. Some more than most. It’s rarely deliberate and we don’t expect it to bite. Most perpetrators have no idea. But it does have an affect. Sometimes it bites a lot deeper than we think.

Have you ever noticed that individuals react strangely to you for no apparent reason. Why is this? What did you do? Probably nothing right? Maybe they’ve taken something out of context?

It is possible to reduce these reactions. Surely you’re not expected to know how individuals react to your comments. Are we? But the onus is on you. We need to be aware of those around us.

Depending on where the individual sees you in their life will affect the impact you have. Take for example a careless throw away comment from a boss to a new starter. The new starter will probably not react there and then, unsure how to react but you can be sure that he or she will stew on the comment for the day, probably the night and almost certainly the next morning when they see their boss again.

If your aim to to hurt someone then this post is not for you. If your aim is to make conversation, crack a joke or simply respond without any malice then just stop and think about what you’re going to say. Its an easy habit to develop. Watch out for the positive reactions.

Keep it coming son, keep it coming


Another day, another lesson. This time from the 5 year old.

Walked through the door to “Did you win Dadda?” “What was the score?” “How many goals did you get?” It was a normal Sunday. It was a normal post match footy interview.

Normally the answers are met with a short “YES!” or a “Oh!” and then back to games. Today answers are met with a “Well done Dadda. Thats what happens when you practice and never give up. Just gotta work hard.”

Time stopped right there. What just happened.

Did I just imagine that. So proud. Who taught him that. Where did that come from. Maybe it’s was me. His mother. From the playground. Maybe he picked it up at Kindy. Who cares. WOW.

We’re all still learning. Still learning from anybody and everybody. Learning from those you least expect to learn from.

Keep it coming son, keep it coming.

Look at it a different way


Maybe a strange question. Do you understand yourself? What gets you irritated? What gets you angry? Why does it get you angry?

Do these things truly matter. In the grand scheme of this very short time we have on the planet is it worth getting worked up about them? Should we let these situations consume us. Sometimes for months and years. Let’s take a different view.

Is it possible that there could be a positive to these situations. Sure, not all occasions will qualify but there will be some. What would happen if we didn’t stress about them. Would the situation get worse. Would your inner self get greater peace. Could it make you a happier person.

Over the next 7 days, test yourself. Take the positive out of every situation. Make sure you write it on your bathroom mirror in the morning. Make it your screensaver on your phone. Make it a habit. You will thank yourself.

Control what you can control


Six years. Great job. Public company takeover. Redundancy letter arrives. Goodbye & good luck.

A good friend was made redundant last week. Ending months of uncertainty for him and his young family. It followed a public takeover of the company he worked for. No fault of his own.

Whilst it is exceptionally hard not having the routine of going to work, having a monthly income or being the bread winner, it’s turned out being the best thing that could have happened. This has weighed on his shoulders for months whilst the takeover ran its course. There was talk of going having to move to a different state, sharing a role or simply not having a role. Hard to sleep, no?

Now he has a new lease of life. He’s smiling again. The complete opposite to how he thought he would feel. Six months of uncertainty gone. He can get on with his life. The ideas are coming thick and fast.

A chapter closes, whilst another huge one opens. Embrace it, look it in the eye and CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL. Nothing more

Guard your time


Time is all we have. Its exceptionally precious. Be selective with what you do with it.

Be ruthless with your time. Spend time with those who you want to spend time with. Spend time with the people that add something to your life or do those things that just before you go to sleep they make you smile.

Don’t take appointments or meetings that don’t add to your life experience. Only take an meeting or an opportunity if you are truly 100% excited by it. Is your inner body telling you must do it, that you must take that meeting, then take it. If its not, then don’t. Don’t be sorry or feel bad for saying NO.

Is your time more valuable than your money? So why guard your money more than guarding your time.

“Busy is the death of productivity and happiness.” – Naval Ravikant

Spend time doing things you want to do. Spend time doing things that make you smile, make you happy. Too simple? Give it a go for a month. You’ll be surprised.

Find that 45mins – Its non-negotiable


Its now part of the routine. Its become a non-negotiable.

The difference between a day where its in or out is marked.

Do you ever have a day that can be going exactly how you expected it go, when out of nowhere it takes an unexpected twist and NOT for the better. That curve ball can quickly affect the next day and beyond.

These days are only an issue if I skip a high intensity 45mins workout. When I’m in the box, the sole focus is on the workout, it takes all my energy, concentration and thought process. When I get out of the box those previously highly vexing issues become clearer and more manageable.

If I get my priorities wrong, skip a session and get sucked into something I should have said no to, the day can go pear-shaped quickly. The negative toll it takes on the body & mind outweighs the positive impact the workout has by at least 2x.

When you look at it that way the workout become a non-negotiable.

There’s a rhino in your ear!


When a two and half year old decides he’s a doctor and needs to do an inspection of your knees, heart and ears (no need to worry about the rest) you have to accept you’re the patient.

They tend to observe a very strange practice of “checking & fixing.” When he decided that my heart was not working he took a hammer and tapped me ever so slightly on the foot. That fixed that issue!

When he said that my knee had an “ouchy” on it, he channeled Yoda and used the force to remedy the situation. That fixed that issue!

The biggest surprise was left for my ears. Upon inspecting my left ear, the Doctor declared that there was a rhino in there. When I enquired how we should get him out, the Doctor said he would have to get some cheese to tease him out!

All children are artists. The problem is how to stay an artist when the child grows up – Pabalo Picasso