Not my job

Don’t hear it that often. But implied a lot.

It might not be your job. But let me know in a helpful way. Blunt and sharp leaves a stench in the air. Its the conveying of the message.

Just today, I was told “Its not my job” by someone I admire. Probably a bad moment. Out of character. Not sure what is happening in that persons life right now. Benefit of the doubt should be afforded.

Overheard someone else say exactly the same thing 10 minutes later in THAT tone. Did they hear the conversation before? Did it register? Guess it did.

Culture is an overused word but a very important word. Might not be your job but be helpful. “I’m sorry, I can’t help you but speak with Mr X he should be able to help. Here’s his number.”

The air is clear. No infections to be transmitted.