You’ll land on something soft

foam pit

Is it too late to teach a dog new tricks. Too late to try a new sport. Too late to start a new business. Just too late?

Ask yourself why it maybe be too late. Maybe it is. Maybe you are set in your ways. Maybe you have a whopping mortgage. Maybe you have to put the kids through school. Maybe you are scared of your value in the real world. But maybe just maybe it’s not too late.

Being older doesn’t mean you need more time to relax. Or that you can’t mix it up with the kids of today. Sure you might not want to take up MMA (reflexes might be a little out of shape) but there are plenty of other things to try and do. I guess we’re not in a dress rehearsal.

With age comes experience and stubbornness (that could mean stuck in your ways but it could also mean resilience). With age comes maturity. With age comes the ability to assist others more than when you younger. Take Bill Gates. His charity has helped millions of people around the globe. He has had more impact because he was able to build his business up first. He made the networks. He made the money. He made a bigger difference than if he had started the charitable organisations at 17 or 18.

It’s never too late.

Jump. You’ll land on something soft.

Come jump with me!

Man Jumping 18 Feb 2016

I’ve been reading a lot, listening a lot and conversing a lot. All roads lead to sharing and collaborating.

So many thoughts, so many ideas, so many observations – get them out, let them breath and see where they lead.

A lot has been changing for me the last few months, I’ve started to meditate, religiously attend crossfit, spend more time doing important things (more of that soon) and walk my little man to school.

Come and Jump with me! I’ve no idea where¬†we will land but I promise we’ll have fun.