Dancing in gum boots


Ever wondered what your loved ones would say if you asked them to write down 50 things they really want to do in the next couple of years?

Its actually quite a hard task to come up with 50 right there and then. My guess would be that they will probably come up with 10-15 pretty quickly and the next 35-40 will come over the next couple of days. The aim is to have all 50 bullet points on the left hand side of the page linked with an experience on the right hand side of the page.

You have their list.

Now you make them happen. Even better if you can make them a random surprise for no other reason other than “just because”.

The other day I did it with the kids – with mixed results. The 2 year old said he wanted “200 Kinder Surprise Eggs” and the 5 year old wanted “to dance in the rain”.

A couple of days later the rain was delivered (absolute down pour). What a great time to go and dance in the rain, which is exactly what we did. Still working on getting the 200 Kinder Surprise Eggs to the 2 year old though….. So many giggles to be had….

Author: AJ

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