Find that 45mins – Its non-negotiable


Its now part of the routine. Its become a non-negotiable.

The difference between a day where its in or out is marked.

Do you ever have a day that can be going exactly how you expected it go, when out of nowhere it takes an unexpected twist and NOT for the better. That curve ball can quickly affect the next day and beyond.

These days are only an issue if I skip a high intensity 45mins workout. When I’m in the box, the sole focus is on the workout, it takes all my energy, concentration and thought process. When I get out of the box those previously highly vexing issues become clearer and more manageable.

If I get my priorities wrong, skip a session and get sucked into something I should have said no to, the day can go pear-shaped quickly. The negative toll it takes on the body & mind outweighs the positive impact the workout has by at least 2x.

When you look at it that way the workout become a non-negotiable.

Author: AJ

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