Guard your time


Time is all we have. Its exceptionally precious. Be selective with what you do with it.

Be ruthless with your time. Spend time with those who you want to spend time with. Spend time with the people that add something to your life or do those things that just before you go to sleep they make you smile.

Don’t take appointments or meetings that don’t add to your life experience. Only take an meeting or an opportunity if you are truly 100% excited by it. Is your inner body telling you must do it, that you must take that meeting, then take it. If its not, then don’t. Don’t be sorry or feel bad for saying NO.

Is your time more valuable than your money? So why guard your money more than guarding your time.

“Busy is the death of productivity and happiness.” – Naval Ravikant

Spend time doing things you want to do. Spend time doing things that make you smile, make you happy. Too simple? Give it a go for a month. You’ll be surprised.

Author: AJ

An individual who has started to work out what life should be about. An individual taking steps. An individual sharing observations and learnings. Want to jump with this individual?

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