Is the sky really falling?

Find yourself in the middle of a crisis. Not many options. You’ll soon find out what’s inside. You’ll learn a lot. A crisis will shape you.

Those who have found themselves in a life altering crises quite often wouldn’t change a thing post the event. They find the crises makes them. It’s hard and yes they would like to avoid a repeat. But hey – thats life.

A recent TED talk discussed the crisis of the ordinary investor who had held investments with Bernard Madoff. Entire life savings wiped. Gone. Nothing left. What next? How do you recover? Hate on someone else? “Let someone continue to steal your life” 

When you stop and really think about it. There’s only one real option if you want to continue to grow. There are many different ways to recover. Most not easy. There’s also more than one way of looking at things. Head to the positive. Change your outlook.

Not many live charmed lives. Whatever happens to you, grow from it. You know you’re not going to be the same in a year. Its not what happens to you, its how you respond. Pain and suffering only come from the stories that we tell ourself.


We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them – Epictetus


Author: AJ

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