Its a choice. Make it a priority.

Want to achieve your goals? Make your choice. Put yourself in a conducive environment.

Surround yourself with positive people. Avoid high conflict personalities. Someone who fights with others will eventually fight with you.

Remove yourself from distractions, from negative energy. Keep your surroundings fresh and your energy high.

Finding it hard to do that? Time to assess your priorities. Whats at the top of your list. Write it out. The list I wrote was not conducive to the environment I was in.


Staying in the same negative environment results in the same stale results. Feelings of anger and frustration build. See the anger for what it is. Understand the triggers for the feelings. Aim to control them next time. You don’t have to solve the issue right there. Much better to take a deep breath. Take yourself out of the situation. Think on it. Within a short space of time your outlook will change.

Choose to meet your goals. Its a choice. Make it a priority.

Author: AJ

An individual who has started to work out what life should be about. An individual taking steps. An individual sharing observations and learnings. Want to jump with this individual?

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