Keep it coming son, keep it coming


Another day, another lesson. This time from the 5 year old.

Walked through the door to “Did you win Dadda?” “What was the score?” “How many goals did you get?” It was a normal Sunday. It was a normal post match footy interview.

Normally the answers are met with a short “YES!” or a “Oh!” and then back to games. Today answers are met with a “Well done Dadda. Thats what happens when you practice and never give up. Just gotta work hard.”

Time stopped right there. What just happened.

Did I just imagine that. So proud. Who taught him that. Where did that come from. Maybe it’s was me. His mother. From the playground. Maybe he picked it up at Kindy. Who cares. WOW.

We’re all still learning. Still learning from anybody and everybody. Learning from those you least expect to learn from.

Keep it coming son, keep it coming.

Author: AJ

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