Control what you can control


Six years. Great job. Public company takeover. Redundancy letter arrives. Goodbye & good luck.

A good friend was made redundant last week. Ending months of uncertainty for him and his young family. It followed a public takeover of the company he worked for. No fault of his own.

Whilst it is exceptionally hard not having the routine of going to work, having a monthly income or being the bread winner, it’s turned out being the best thing that could have happened. This has weighed on his shoulders for months whilst the takeover ran its course. There was talk of going having to move to a different state, sharing a role or simply not having a role. Hard to sleep, no?

Now he has a new lease of life. He’s smiling again. The complete opposite to how he thought he would feel. Six months of uncertainty gone. He can get on with his life. The ideas are coming thick and fast.

A chapter closes, whilst another huge one opens. Embrace it, look it in the eye and CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL. Nothing more

Author: AJ

An individual who has started to work out what life should be about. An individual taking steps. An individual sharing observations and learnings. Want to jump with this individual?

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