There’s a rhino in your ear!


When a two and half year old decides he’s a doctor and needs to do an inspection of your knees, heart and ears (no need to worry about the rest) you have to accept you’re the patient.

They tend to observe a very strange practice of “checking & fixing.” When he decided that my heart was not working he took a hammer and tapped me ever so slightly on the foot. That fixed that issue!

When he said that my knee had an “ouchy” on it, he channeled Yoda and used the force to remedy the situation. That fixed that issue!

The biggest surprise was left for my ears. Upon inspecting my left ear, the Doctor declared that there was a rhino in there. When I enquired how we should get him out, the Doctor said he would have to get some cheese to tease him out!

All children are artists. The problem is how to stay an artist when the child grows up – Pabalo Picasso

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