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A few weeks ago I went to my local coffee shop and ordered my usual. So far so good. A normal day. A million things buzzing around in my head and I’m not really paying attention to anyone or anything. When I went to pay my dues the script changed. Mr Barista informs me that a lady, only 3 minutes before me, had paid for the coffees for the next 5 people who walked through the door!

I suddenly started to pay attention to those around me and saw two people at the counter watching me whilst waiting for their orders. They both sported goofy looking grins. They were waiting to see what my reaction would be. It turned out that I was customer number 3. They were lucky numbers 1 and 2. After 10 secs or so of trying to digest what had happened I joined them, muttered some words that I can’t remember and then put on my best goofy looking grin and watched as lucky number 4 walked in.

This small very kind gesture completely changed my morning. Changed the rest of my day. Changed even my week. I’ve told this story to a few people since and every one of them has said words to the effect of “Wow…. I’m going to do that next time I buy a coffee”.

Why would someone do that is a question for another day but the impact it has is lasting. It jolts them out of their thoughts, their issues, their routine. It makes even the largest issues go away, just for a split second – hopefully longer. It puts a smile on a random face who in turn puts a smile on the person they next happen to lock eyes with.

Give it a go. You will feel the results – even if you don’t see them first hand.

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