We watch. We learn. We adapt. We evolve.

I forget how resilient we can be.

We watch. We learn. We adapt. We evolve.

An observation from today

Winter school holidays arrive.  Tennis camp organised.  Bestie is in. Sounds fun. Its local. One day only.

The day comes. Excitement. Bag packed. Ready to go. Bestie wants to walk there with 5 year old. Both can’t stop talking along the way. Subject is poo. Dog just went which triggered the hilarious topic.

Arrive. 25 kids. Out of control. 2 coaches. Zero control. Kids up to 10 years old. 5 year old and bestie not comfortable. “GO TO COURT 5” is the order. Kids look at me. Worry on their face. “What do we do dada?” It’s a fair enough question. The on court coaches haven’t even noticed they’ve arrived.

“Pop your bags down here, line up behind the bigger kids and wait your turn” is my response. Trying to work out what’s the protocol. No one to ask. On court coaches being mobbed by 25 kids. My boys turn and look at the line. Then look at me. “Its alright, just join in when you’re ready”. 30 seconds pass. They assess. They look at each other. They look terrified. I watch from afar. The dog is going crazy. Must be hard with tennis balls flying around.

Its besties turn. Up to the service line. He looks at the coach opposite. No idea whats coming. Ball lobbed in. A swing. A miss. And its all over. To the back. Kids laugh. You missed, go to the other side.

Its the 5 years olds turn. He’s had the fortune of watching bestie. Still looks terrified. Ball comes. He swings. He hits it. It goes flying. Into the next court to the right. He sees the funny side. Bursts out laughing. Still follows bestie to the “missed” side. Worked out they need to stick together.

Missed side = other side of the net. Balls flying everywhere. Need to catch a ball to get back on the hitting side. Taken me 7 balls to work it out. 5 year old and bestie still have no idea. Hands in pockets. Confused. 10 year olds hitting balls hard. Too hard.

I can’t watch this. I should go. They will work it out. I don’t normally interfere. The dog and I turn to leave. Another coach walks past. I can’t help it. Tell him to get in there. Please coach Coach. Explain what is happening. He looked at me. A little taken a back. Just the warm up he explained. Look after the 5 year old and bestie I demand. The two smallest there. They will take a little coaxing to get involved I warn.  Time to go. I was causing damage.

The walk back home involves a u-turn onto a higher street level. 5 mins after leaving I can see the kids from 50m away. Needn’t of worried. Split into age groups. More coaches. 5 year old and bestie now on Court 1. Running between witches hats. Shouting. Clapping. Falling. Laughing. Hugging.

Kids are resilient. We are resilient. We watch. We adapt. We learn. We evolve.

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